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Site Health & Safety Management System and how it is practised in Bangladesh

Most of the people know the most common rules and regulation but very few obey them. Different injuries are the common scenario in small, medium and big industries.

This paper based on some practical working report of Re-Tie Bangladesh, UNIDO and finally some recommendations are provided for policy management in health and safety issues in industries. The main reason for injuries or accidents in workplace is both workers and owners are not habituated with some rules, regulations and moral duties.

The study finds out that minimum treatment expenses for an injured worker is 0. Though it is quite impossible to change the practice and tradition of a long time over night, it is high time to think of the matter to compete in international market with international standards. The cost to promote good working environment and OHS status has an effect on production cost but one thing needs to keep in mind that, good workplace; skilled, safe and healthy workers are profitable in the long run.

In developing Bangladesh, leather industry is one of the biggest sectors for the economic growth of the country. But one of the main shortcomings of this sector is that Occupational Health and Safety OHS rules are not properly maintained in the leather industries. This carelessness to OHS in compliance issue will be the main challenge for the sustainability of Bangladeshi leather Industries in the competitive world market. The reduction of environmental threats and increase of the export potential of Bangladeshi leather products Re-Tie Bangladesh is a project co-funded by the European Commission [2].

An extensive research has been carried out by the project on OHS sector in leather industries of Bangladesh [2]. This paper is based on the working report of this project. This is complemented with the existence of organizations and institutional arrangements like the Export Processing Zone EPZ etc.

To be fitted with the international standards, the Government is decisive to put laws on tanneries to adopt sustainable practices in a satisfactory environment.

So, this is the high time to build up consciousness on OHS issues both in owners and workers level. Many Researchers all over the world have done researches on occupational health and safety issues.

Some findings are listed below:. Occupational health as a science concerned with health in its relation to work or working environment [3].

According to Oxenburgh et al. In most cases, occupational health safety OHS is largely measured by negative outcomes such as workplace injury and illness but these measures have a shortfall, for instance, a low incidence of injury does not necessarily mean that adequate safety systems and controls are in place [5].

Kumar et al. They found that main hazards were noise, dust, fire and electrical hazards which was found by calculated RPN Risk priority number number, comparing to other hazards the maximum RPN was found to be harmful to the workers. The study recommended to take immediate action to control these hazards to save workers health and promote safety to worker [6].

According to Islam et al. Smoking and household income of the respondents were found significantly associated with the morbidity of the tannery workers.

The study also suggested for exclusive hospital, proper training focusing on PPE use and chemicals along with safe housing for tannery workers [7]. Increasing awareness of the adverse effects of occupational accidents and diseases on workers and workplaces has led to the increasing enforcement of preventive measures to combat risks [9]. Katsuro, et al. The objective of the study was to explore OHS problems of different work areas and their impact on productivity [3]. Biswas et al. The paper illustrated that chemical and risk is a stagnant theme.

The actors decide the frequency of chemical exposure and risk. Considering the geographical aspects, Occupational Health hazards among the workers of tannery industries are not only a matter of concern in developing country like Bangladesh but also in western countries as well.

Main reason behind this huge number of accident is lack of awareness both in workers and owners and absence of health safety practices with appropriate safety guards in sensative machinaries, electric points and poor electric wiring as well. UNIDO expert team made two years continuous survey with practical data analysis and identified three major areas for injuries in Tanneries as shown in Figure 1.

So, Health and Safety issues are strongly need to be considered in this area. First field of accident or injury prompt zone is for chemical section. This area covers chemical storage, chemical distribution, different leather tanning processes.

As tannery industries are heavy industry, they use heavy machineries almost all stages of their production.

But it is matter of great regret that many of them are not operating according to the safety manuals. For this reason, the highest risk of accident is conducting in mechanical zone Table 1. The electrical setup is the poorest in maximum Tanneries. Unplanned wiring, over using load open phase electrical installation etc.

Some pictures of hazards in different zone of tanning process are shown in Figure 1. Figure 1. Three major accident-prone areas: Chemical, Mechanical and Electrical. Source: Rongved, [12]. Table 1. It is not very easy or practical to improve the condition of Health and Safety of Hazaribagh tanneries in short time. Still now there is no imposed law of compliance on labor health and safety issues from the Government to the tannery owners.

So, the owners or managers do not feel any pressure legally. On the other hand, the working environment and health and safety issue in leather Garments and Footwear is just opposite to the tannery. The interesting news is that every footwear industry owner has their own tannery in Hazaribagh. So firstly, need to set a genuine compliance guideline and by law impose it to the industries. After that there must have some provision to follow safety practices, awareness build up, over and over follow-up for practicing safety materials and to make it habituate to the labors are important.

It is better to make people acquainted with some simple rules of consciousness, responsibility and obedience and that can stop huge damage as well. Such as Awareness build up program, Campaigning, managers workshop, Parsonal Protective Equipment PPE distribution with practical demonstration about benefits of using equipment, updated technology for Machinaries maintainance, Booklets preparation as user manuals, electrical guard set up, Machinaries guard installation in risky zone Table 2 , Demonstrations of proper way for chemical storage and distribution, using Safety sign, using first Aid box, etc.

The booklet will be helpful for improving OHS status in the long run as well. The Booklet contents are listed below:. Table 2. Improvement of selected risky spots. The main themes of those are:. UNIDO expert team was done some practical interventions to demonstrate the owners and managers how some simple improvements can be done, like as guards, boxes insulation etc. On the other way those are not much expensive also.

As for example, just improving safety guards in a very simple and inexpensive manner reduces the percentage or the probability of serious injuries. The fact is that only mind set can change the scenerio, no matter what the cost is. Table 2 shows the previous conditions of some bared mechanical instruments side by side it is showing the modified versions.

The cost of modifications and required materials are also listed there in Table 2. In fact this limited number of safety guards is not sufficient to save all the workers of Tannery Industry.

But this simple example can be a model. Protection of one worker from an accident means saving at least a family with 5 to 8 people in Bangladesh aspect. Again a skilled worker is an asset for the industries. To lose an effective worker is also a loss for them in their point of view. So its economic value can never be evaluated in a monetary form. Even it is tough to establish linear mathametical equation to determine loss and benefit due to an accident in a work place with respect to production of a factory.

But emperically it can be compared between expenses for health and safety measures and gross production cost and sale of a factory Figure 2.

Finally, the expert team of UNIDO from their practical survey experiences made calculations of three major areas of OHS measures and did a comparative calculation of production cost and benefit in a gross Table 3.

For a green growth committed industry the following table would be more helpful to invest first for getting more benefit. Figure 2. Flow diagram of OHS establishment and benefit of the owners. Table 3. Final analysis. At present most of the tannery industries of Hazaribagh have been shifted to new Savar Tannery estate. So, the owners and managers should have some modern practices or OHS provision in new site for creating better working environment.

And to have a consistent good result, everyone should grip the new ideas, and modern concept just from now. Around the world the cost of labor price goes up in very multiplying figure. Though still now it is cheap in our country but the fact will change soon. Bangladesh is one of the fastest favorite countries to the investors to finish leather products and footwear both in countrywide and abroad.

So, by adopting the truth and to compete in the world market the owners should need to come forward to be updated on OHS sector as it is one of the burning issues for green growth of an industry.

The study reveals that UNIDO has worked substantially in the OHS issues for the leather sector and summarized their result for the owners and managers that use PPE, safety guard installation, safe chemical handling, and electrical installation, not cost the production loss.

At the same time in the long run it increases the product value for the market and ensures the factories sustainability as well. So, by providing input positively following the OHS practices can build a commitment towards sustainable tannery industry of Bangladesh. Basak, S. Journal of Human Resource and Sustainability Studies, 7, Barbieri, S. Paul, H. Journal-Society of Leather Technologists and Chemists, 97, Katsuro, P.

National Occupational Health And Safety Policy 2013 Bangladesh

Two years after the tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh, the ILO has provided two survivors with support to open their own successful businesses and has helped these entrepreneurs think big for the future. The Labour Amendment Act makes a large number of amendments to the Labour Act and, particularly, introduces several provisions aimed at improving workplace safety. Among others, the amended legislation now requires the creation of safety committees in factories with 50 workers or more, the establishment of workplace Health Centres in workplaces with over employees and safety welfare officers in workplaces with more than Under the amendments compensation for work-related deaths is provided after two years in employment, compared to the current three years period. Workplaces of over employers are required to arrange for and cover the cost of treatment of occupational diseases. The labour inspectorate is given new responsibilities to inspect safety and health conditions of workplaces and conduct on-the-spot inspections. Other important amendments deal with dangerous work for children; emergency exits; access to gangways and stairs for workers; mandatory use of personal safety equipment; notification of competent authority in case of incident; and provisions on social dialogue, trade unions and dispute resolution; and employers and companies responsibilities.

This site is operated by a business or businesses owned by Informa PLC and all copyright resides with them. Registered in England and Wales. Number Fresh approaches and solutions on ergonomics at workplace by bringing industry experts and consultants all under one roof. After serious consideration and close consultation with our stakeholders, exhibitors and industry partners in the industry, Informa Markets in India, the organiser of OSH Bangladesh , have official announced the safety eventwill be cancelled. The decision to finally cancel the event was a difficult but necessary move in the light of the global COVID situation and subsequent restrictions to domestic and international travel.

Parvez, M. Injuries during cultivation of land are the significant causes of recession for an agricultural country like Bangladesh. Thousands of tools are used in agricultural farm having much probability of getting injury at their workplaces. For the injury prevention, proper hand tool designs need to be recommended with ergonomic evaluations. This paper represents the main causes of agricultural injuries among the Bangladeshi farmers. Effective interventions had been discussed in this paper to reduce the rate of injury. This study was carried out in the Panchagarh district of Bangladesh.

Occupational safety and health

Occupational safety and health OSH , also commonly referred to as occupational health and safety OHS , occupational health , [1] or occupational safety , is a multidisciplinary field concerned with the safety , health , and welfare of people at occupation. The goal of an occupational safety and health program is to foster a safe and healthy occupational environment. In common-law jurisdictions, employers have a common law duty to take reasonable care of the safety of their employees.

Agricultural Farm-Related Injuries in Bangladesh and Convenient Design of Working Hand Tools

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