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Syd Barrett "A Psychedelic Descent Into Madness" 1/6/1946--7/7/2006

By Julian Palacios. Since it was to end all too soon, I almost wish I had never heard it. Nothing seems worthwhile but to hear that sound once more and go on listening to forever. There it is again! Entranced, he was silent for a long space, spellbound. Strange lights once flickered in the Fens outside Cambridge, a bleak land rife with myth.

As dogs whined into the darkness, chill winds blew in off the Fen, as lights shone at twilight over damp ground. In the eerie glow, lights flickered above dykes and bog, weaving a hypnotic spell on wayfarers, drawing them to brackish waters.

Cambridge rose from drained marshlands. Old English fenns formed a flat pastureland of dark, rich silt. Reclaimed from the North Sea in the 17th century, much of this land once lay below salty water. Barriers of trees curbed high winds off the ocean. The Fens were rumoured to be the haunt of lost souls, witches, and web-footed peasants.

Inbred Fen folk roamed the swampy sedges, traversing frozen ponds using bones as skates, as they hunted eels in lodes with three-pronged spears.

No one would think of wandering in the Fens at night. They were too dangerous. The landscape was strewn with abbeys and monasteries set amid heavy, mist-laden bogs. Only monks and drovers knew the routes from one safe area to another. Cambridge rose in the valley of the River Cam. With its source at Ashwell in Hertfordshire, the river feeds on through the Lower Cam, controlled by locks and weirs out toward the Fen.

Merging with the Great Ouse south of Ely, it drifts into the North Sea at the lonely mudflat estuary of the Wash, where grey gulls screech amid the breakers. Four miles south-east of Cambridge, the Gog Magog Downs, or Gogs, rise two hundred feet above the flat river valley. Here, pastures give way to outcroppings of chalk on the downs. The gradient is slight, less a climb then a vigorous walk to Wandlebury and Little Trees Hill.

Steeped in ancient mystery, legend has it that Gog Magog the giant sleeps here, disenchanted by rejection from the nymph Granta in the river below. Romans set up a garrison on Castle Hill overlooking the barren mire; they built a small town, Durolipons. In AD, as the Empire collapsed, legions abandoned the town to invaders, leaving behind a long straight road known as the Roman Road.

The ancient thoroughfare Via Devana that extends in a straight line along the perimeter of Wandlebury and the Beechwoods remains. At the foot of the Magog Downs lies the springs of the Nine Wells — where children were warned not to play, as they were always associated with witchcraft and druids.

In the early 17th century, Dutch engineers built drains and dykes to pump out the water until the fens emerged. The land was fertile, but until then it had been a system of marshland, bogs, and small, sparsely inhabited islands.

Driving from Cambridge, Ely looms out of the fens. Then across miles of flatland until reaching Norwich at the edge of the sea. In winter, we got ghastly cold winds from the north. Cambridge seems colder in winter, with arctic winds blowing across flat fields, coming straight in off the North Sea, forty miles distant. Springtime is similarly chill, damp and windy, with south-westerly rains lashing violet flowers at the base of the Beechwoods.

A land inundated by rainfall produces plentiful greenery that is further fed by sluices carved through marshland. Skies obscured by clouds hold rain in suspension over pastures and marsh grass. Sparse copses are silent, save for wind dragging leaves from shuddering trees rent by contractions of an unstable water table beneath the soil. To the south of Cambridge lies London.

Across the heights of Essex once travelled by road, now rail; less than an hour away through woodland and forest. To the south-west lies Grantchester, where fence posts strung with rusted wire enclose pastures. Herds of cattle lay serpentine trails through loamy flax fields bound by grids of carline thistle. Oak and ash trees with fallen boughs covered in moss score trails into the woods. Scattered hedges of bramble bush hem in deserted patches of bedstraw and snapdragon in the undergrowth.

Violet bellflowers, vetch, scabious and poppies run rampant. Gales of wind cut through the woods, as slubby mud in ferrous veins churns underfoot. The land stands in silence. The Cam swirls and eddies under the bridges of the colleges, their lawns and buildings stretching down to the river bank. A landmark for hundreds of years, the chapel bears the portcullis and rose of the Tudor Kings. A vast, eighty-foot vaulted fan roof, the largest in the world, looms over the whole. Below, the flagstones and steps are worn to a smooth slope by the countless feet that have walked on them, and cast their lot on destinations unknown.

At the centre of the nave, there is a superbly carved screen where an organ stands with a towering protrusion of golden pipes, garnished with herald angels with gold trumpets. Underneath, an arch leads to the dark-panelled choir stalls that ring the walnut pulpit. The formative tributaries of psychedelia can be found among the sylvan meadows at the Mill Pond. Here, Roger Barrett and others hung out playing songs for friends on idyllic after-school afternoons and at weekends. The Mill Pond is a touchstone for the dream-like evocations of childhood that stand at the heart of psychedelia.

A macrocosm within a microcosm. At Grantchester Meadows, teenagers caroused in the grass, far from parental eyes.

Sometimes, they would have drinks or ice cream in the tea gardens at the Orchard, under apple trees that exploded with blossoms in spring. By evening, pink clouds reflected in dark water, outlined by the blue sky, as swans and kingfishers glide by. Dry yellow stocks of corn herald the end of summer, as sunsets glow to crimson. In the 14th century, Protestant students and dissident monks broke away from Catholic Oxford University and came to Cambridge.

Their Protestantism is borne out in the architecture. Cambridge, a cold, stone-built, north-European town, had always been a busy thoroughfare with thriving ports and communities along its shores.

Built in , it has thirteen and seven-eighths stone balls decorating its span. The fourteenth ball has a segment chipped off in spite by an irate mason, vexed by being told his arches were off-centre. Then, Magdalene Bridge, the original site of Roman and Saxon ports, where Pagan burial urns were discovered by a shocked angler. The Cam snakes around the city, a stone mirage of medieval spires, carved corbels and granite archways. The river is bordered by trees that touch the ground to silhouette as the sun casts spectral shadows on gravel paths and cycle lanes.

Squat, stone buildings are arranged along narrow closeted alleys. Symmetry, drafted by the Restoration architects, astounds, as oak-panelled doors, and mahogany-beam roof supports frame rooms where squeaking doors will always squeak.

He did not break the beautiful stained glass windows made by Flemish master glaziers, as he was intent on keeping his men warm. The cobbled Market Square, with neatly lined stalls under brightly coloured striped awnings, boasts local produce, hawked by East Anglian farmers.

Their distinctive accent, a rhythm of long, stressed vowels, squared flat as the Fens, is a holdover from the Germanic Angles. Here, town and gown meet, one and alike. The central fountain an important meeting place in days gone by.

At bookshops tucked into alleyways, romantic poetry with gilt, marbled leaves crowds the shelves. An antique shop with scarred end tables holds cluttered tin ornaments in florid script that tells of old apothecaries and long-forgotten remedies. Intricately wrought iron gates guard ivy-covered halls where undergraduates sit in wood-panelled rooms discussing logic and literature. At Clare College Gardens, white Forget-me-nots are interspersed with kaleidoscopic red and yellow tulips. Each college seems to have a ghost, often a peevish bedder or charlady.

Sir Isaac Newton is rumoured to haunt his old rooms at Trinity where, from his window, above the gate, he ponders the proverbial apple tree. Clocks tick and stop when no one watches. Books fall open when no one looks. Laughter echoes from rooms that are never opened.

Abbey House, at the corner of Beche Road, is said to be the single most haunted spot in Britain. Daily, the flat-bottomed boats glide across the Cam propelled by bargepoles. Beyond this, Jesus Lock and a deeper stretch where houseboats hug the banks. Wind rustles under bridges and fairy-ring mushrooms sprout at willows weeping by the banks. A lark spies an electric-blue dragonfly over the verdant lawns of Sidney Sussex College, as a toad croaks under a waterlogged broken oar, and caterpillars feed on water figwort.

Under towering trees, bike paths and rain gutters wind down to the water. Cool moss throngs on stone chairs. Lime-washed walls, porcelain washbasins, student quarters, with drab curtains and green glass lamps, lighten long, cold walks across town after dark, under bristling trees and through empty windswept streets. Waters and Gilmour left and never came back, while Barrett returned to live out his days in Cambridge, seat of academia, an oasis and anomaly in East Anglia.

Cambridge in the early sixties was still a hick town. London seemed exotic, despite only being an hour away by rail. Below Midsummer Common, plague victims are buried. In Elizabethan times, women accused of witchcraft were hung from gallows on Jesus Green.

Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd: Dark Globe

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Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd: Dark Globe

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Stipe instead sat in a corner with his back to everyone, ignoring Waters until Stipe performed "Dark Globe" by himself during the encore. Waters said he supposed this to be Stipe's way of saying, "Syd was all right but you're an arsehole. Gene Ween , Soundgarden , and Chris Cornell have all covered the song live. Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour revived the song in live performance during some of his concerts in July , as a tribute to Barrett shortly after he died.

PDF Download A Very Irregular Head The Life of Syd Barrett Read Full Ebook

By Julian Palacios. Since it was to end all too soon, I almost wish I had never heard it. Nothing seems worthwhile but to hear that sound once more and go on listening to forever. There it is again! Entranced, he was silent for a long space, spellbound.

Famous before his 20th birthday, Barrett led the charge of psychedelia onstage at London s famed UFO club, and his acid-inspired lyrics became a hallmark of London s Summer of Love. By turns improvisatory and whimsical, Zen-like and hardliving, Barrett pushed the boundaries of music into new realms of artistic expression while fighting the demons of drug abuse and mental illness. This probing study, ten years in the writing, features a wealth of first-hand interviews with Syd's family, friends, and members of the band, giving us an unvarnished look at Barrett's life and work. Author Julian Palacios traces Barrett s swift evolution from precocious youth to internationally acclaimed psychedelic rock star, examining both his wide-ranging inspirations and his influence on generations of musicians. A never-to-be forgotten casualty of the excesses, innovations, and idealism of the s, Syd Barrett is one of the most heavily mythologized men in rock, and this book offers a rare portrayal of this unique spirit in freefall.

Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Dismiss Notice We are making some updates and reconfigurations to our server. Apologies for any downtime or slow forum loading now or within the next week or so. Louise Boat and Psychedelic Good Trip like this. Location: Ohio USA. I believe the Syd Barrett story is more myth than fact.

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