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Human Body Quiz. Test your knowledge of the human body by taking our fun human body quiz. The human body is an amazing structure which contains a wide range of complex parts and processes.

Learn more about the anatomy of the human body as well as parts such as the heart, bones, eyes, skin, muscles, skeleton, ears and nose. Answer as many questions as you can before scrolling down to check your answers. Human Body Quiz Test your knowledge of the human body by taking our fun human body quiz. Sponsored Links. What is the name of the biggest part of the human brain?

The colored part of the human eye that controls how much light passes through the pupil is called the? What is the name of the substance that gives skin and hair its pigment?

The muscles found in the front of your thighs are known as what? True or false? The two chambers at the bottom of your heart are called ventricles. Your tongue is home to special structures that allow you to experience tastes such as sour, sweet, bitter and salty, what is their name?

The flow of blood through your heart and around your body is called? The bones around your chest that protect organs such as the heart are called what?

What is the name of the long pipe that shifts food from the back of your throat down to your stomach? Your ears are important when it comes to staying balanced. What substance are nails made of?

The innermost part of bones contains what? An adult human body has over bones. How many lungs does the human body have? Another name for your voice box is the?

The two holes in your nose are called? The bones that make up your spine are called what? The shape of DNA is known as? The outside layer of skin on the human body is called the? The cerebrum. False there are A double helix. The esophagus.

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Read full description. Hide full description. Relationship and Biodiversity Lab Practice Questions. Genetics Practice Problems. Cell Cycle and Mitosis. Homework due Thursday December 8,

The branch of medical science which deals with the prevention or correction of the musculoskeletal system is called. Tissues are grouped together to form various? Corrected a misspelling in question What happens to it? Teeth are part of the skeletal system, but they are also part of the digestive system.

Introduction to the Nervous System. The Earth is tilted on its axis b. Collagen is made of three amino acid chains that are twisted around one another. Final test. This includes the mechanical, physical, bioelectrical, and biochemical functions of humans in good health, from organs to the cells of which they are composed.

HUMAN BODY SYSTEMS EXAM (S7L2). Multiple Choice. Directions: Select the best answer for each of the following questions. 1. Teeth are part of the skeletal.

Examination Questions and Answers in Basic Anatomy and Physiology

Question: Where is the pharynx located? Answer: The pharynx, or throat, is a part of the body that helps with eating and with breathing. It is a passage that leads from the mouth and nose to the esophagus and the larynx. Question: Which of these glands produces tears?

Blood cells are suspended here. Put part of the question back into your answer. Note: The following questions are written in language appropriate for sharing with your students. Other Sciences, Biology.

The main parts of the human body are the arms, legs, head, neck etc. There is a whole system in our body due to which group of organs work together and make us to survive. It is a complex system consisting of 11 organ systems which include the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, nervous, etc and they have their own specific function to perform. Set 6 of this article deals with the metabolism and functions of these organ systems which help you to grasp easily and ease your preparation for various competitive examinations.

Human Body Systems Test Questions And Answers

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