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digital electronics viva questions and answers pdf

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In which of the following base systems is not a valid number? Storage of 1 KB means the following number of bytes a b c d Ans:c. What is the octal equivalent of the binary number: a b c d

Answer: A digital system is a combination of devices designed to manipulate logical information or physical quantities that are represented in digital form that is the quantities can take only discrete values. Example of digital systems includes digital computers and calculators, digital audio and video equipments etc. An analog system contains devices that manipulate physical quantities that are represented in analog forms. In an analog system, the quantities can vary over a continuous range of values.

Digital Electronics Interview Questions & Answers

It is factual that every interview is dissimilar as per the diverse job profiles. Here, we have equipped the significant digital electronics interview questions and answers which will assist you in getting accomplishment in your interview. CAM is known as content available memories. It can carry out association operation in adding to the read operations performed by the conformist memories. A Minterm is known as Product of sum because they are the rational AND of the place of variables and Maxterm is known as the sum of product because they are the rational OR of the place of variables. The dissimilarity between latches and Flip-flop is that the latches are stage triggered and flip-flops are border-triggered. In latches level-triggered means that the production of the latches changes as we modify the input and edge-triggered means that the manage indication only changes its condition when it goes from low to high or high to low.

Digital Electronics Interview Questions

With every passing day, the world of internet around us is becoming more digital and the usage of usage of the binary digits, 0 and 1 have found their place in the embedded systems. If you want to build a potential career in digital electronics, then wisdomjobs will guide you by giving you information about the educational requirements, job opportunities and potential salary in this field. In a digital electronics job you can work on computers, mobile phones, sound systems and other electronic devices. Your knowledge of digital electronics can be applied to a wide area of applications such as communication, industrial electronics, micro embedded systems and military equipments. To help you grab an efficient job easily we have designed a set of Digital Electronics job interview questions and answers. Go through them and make a fast beginning to a promising career. Question 1.

A list of top frequently asked Digital Electronics Interview Questions and answers are given below. The difference between latches and Flip-flop is that the latches are level triggered and flip-flops are edge triggered. In latches level triggered means that the output of the latches changes as we change the input and edge triggered means that control signal only changes its state when goes from low to high or high to low. The system which has a base 2 is known as the binary system and it consists of only two digits 0 and 1. In this consist of three bits, we start writing the numbers from the rightmost bit power as 0 then the second bit as power 1 and the last as power 2. So, we can represent a decimal number as. The complement of the sum of two numbers is equal to the product of the complement of two numbers.

ED Jobs M. Com Jobs B. Sc Jobs B. E Jobs Ph. If you are looking for a job which is related to Digital Electronics then you need to prepare for Digital Electronics Interview Questions. Here, we have prepared important Digital Electronics Interview Questions and Answers which will help you get success in your Interview.

Digital Circuits Interview Questions and Answers

Nice collection of questions on Digital electronics. With an addition of objective question on digital electronics can make this article more effective. Digital techniques are useful because it is easier to get an electronic device to switch into one of a number of known states than to accurately reproduce a continuous range of values.

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digital electronics viva question with answer

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    Digital electronics multiple choice questions and answers PDF exam book to download provides solved quiz questions and answers on topics: Analog to digital converters, BICMOS digital circuits, bipolar junction transistors, BJT advanced technology dynamic switching, BJT digital circuits, CMOS inverters, CMOS logic gates circuits, digital logic gates, dynamic logic circuits, Emitter Coupled Logic ECL , encoders, decoders, gallium arsenide digital circuits, introduction to digital electronics, latches and flip flops, MOS digital circuits, multi-vibrators circuits, number systems, pass transistor logic circuits, pseudo NMOS logic circuits, random access memory cells, read only memory ROM, semiconductor memories, sense amplifiers and address decoders, spice simulator, Transistor Transistor Logic TTL for graduate students, freshers and beginners.