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list of governor general and viceroy of india pdf

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Download this as PDF. The Governors-General were originally the head of the British administration in India during Colonial rule. The Regulating Act, however, granted them additional powers relating to foreign affairs and defence.

GK> List of Governor-Generals & Viceroys of Bengal & India PDF

Lord Canning. Main incidents during his Viceroyship are. Lord John Lawrence Lord Mayo Lord Lytton I Lord Ripon Lord Dufferin Lord Landsdowne Division of Civil services into Imperial, Provincial and Subordinate. Lord Elgin II. Lord Curzon Lord Minto II Lord Hardinge II List of Committees and Commissions in India before Independence. Lord Chelmford Appointment of Sir S. Lord Reading Hedgewar Lord Irwin Nehru report and its rejection by Muslim League Hindu Mahasabha etc.

Lord Willingdon Lord Linlithgow Resignation of Subash Chandra Bose from the President ship of congress. Lord Wavell Lord Mountbatten : He was the last viceroy of India. To meet our Jury, click here. It means the control of Indian rule was transferred to the British Crown. In this development Lord Canning was made the first Viceroy of India.

In this article we have published the list of all the Viceroy of India. List of British Viceroys during British India. This website uses cookie or similar technologies, to enhance your browsing experience and provide personalised recommendations.

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Viceroys and Governor

Click Here. Acquisition of territories in Malay Penisula; Capture of Bharatpur Lord W. Concluded a treaty of perpetual friendship with Ranjit Singh ; Passed the Charter Act of , which provided that no Indian subject of Company was to be debarred from holding an office on account of his religion, place of birth, descent and colour. On recommendation of Macaulay Committee made English the medium of higher education in India. Bentick —35 : First Governor-General of India.

Warren Hastings , born December 6, , Churchill, near Daylesford, Oxfordshire, England—died August 22, , Daylesford , the first and most famous of the British governors-general of India, who dominated Indian affairs from to and was impeached though acquitted on his return to England. The son of a clergyman of the Church of England , Hastings was abandoned by his father at an early age. He was brought up by an uncle, who gave him what was probably the best education then available for a boy of his inclinations, at Westminster School in London. Hastings showed great promise as a schoolboy and seems at Westminster to have acquired the literary and scholarly tastes that were later to give him a serious interest in Indian culture and civilization. He was then taken away from school and granted a writership as the junior appointments in the East India Company were called , and in , at age 17, he sailed for Bengal. In British contact with India was still the monopoly of the East India Company, which was engaged in buying and selling goods at small settlements in Indian ports. But after the outlook for both the company and its servants was radically altered.

These men has made some certain laws and taken decisions and acts which favoured and hampered the growth of the country. We have provided below the list of Governor-General and Viceroys of India and pdf can also download. Candidates can also check the Governor General of Bengal list who have ruled from to by clicking on below link. Sir Charles Metcalfe Lord Auckland

List of governors-general of India

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