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b2b sales strategies and tactics pdf

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This paper illustrates how online databases, available from commercial vendors, can be used as the foundation for developing new business strategies. Specifically, the concept of customer lifetime value was used to evaluate current customers and match their profiles with the profiles of new prospects from the database. The paper contributes to the competitive strategy literature by documenting the successful use of a CRM approach to develop marketing strategies and tactics for a B2B firm that is seeking growth by acquiring new customers. Dale Wilson, R. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

4 Ways to Reconfigure Your Sales Strategy During the Pandemic

For any business that relies on direct sales to drive revenue, that means systematically updating your sales organization. A few months ago, the changes to the workplace brought on by Covid were viewed as a temporary adjustment — something we needed to endure for a few months before the inevitable return to commuting, offices, and face-to-face meetings. But as companies settle into the reality that the current state of things might be the new normal, they need to shift their focus from temporary fixes to a fresh approach to your organizational strategy.

Here are four keys to selling more effectively throughout the duration of the pandemic — and beyond. Put sales at the center of your strategy. What changes has your business experienced throughout the pandemic? Have you adapted the way your sales organization goes to market to meet different priorities? Most organizational strategy models either ignore the sales function entirely or only address it peripherally, focusing instead on markets, products and capabilities, initiatives, and so forth.

This may have worked well enough in a good economy, but in a tight market, look to your sales function to win business. Sales connects all of your offerings to the market and the sales function is how strategy gets executed. Give sales the tools it needs to succeed by clearly identifying your ideal client profile, detailing the specific reasons clients will choose you over the competition, and getting clear about issues that will likely drive customer decisions.

The pandemic has meant for most that there is less business to be won. Yet, this presents an opportunity to rethink not only what you are selling, but how you are selling it as a means to increased revenue, margin, or market share. Leverage Sales to discover and meet new customer needs. Covid has caused lifestyle shifts that have created new markets and sales prospects. What new customer needs can your organization address?

This is an opportunity to learn about the issues that are driving or reducing the use of your products, determine what additional problems you could help customers solve, and build a strategy to capitalize on and adapt your offerings. Applying those insights can be a game changer, not only for driving revenue, but for informing strategic growth decisions on new product and service combinations, the optimization of your manufacturing process, and much more as everyone adapts to long-term Covid-related realities.

Improve the sales experience. At the onset of the Covid crisis, many organizations adapted by moving sales interactions to videoconference or phone. But the longer-term opportunity is to rethink how to use these platforms to improve, not just sustain, the sales experience — creating value and providing differentiation with prospects and clients to make the whole experience more compelling. Videoconferencing also makes it easier to involve company leaders with customers to address problems and provide higher-level connections and executive sponsorship.

Now is the time to rethink how your sales experience can deliver value for potential customers as a key element of your strategy in the Covid world. Design a sales experience that helps customers gain insight about challenges and opportunities created by the virus. For instance, a consumer packaged-goods client of mine created an interactive customer forum aimed at revealing opportunities and trends their clients may be able to capitalize on.

The switch to remote work and virtual interactions may result in unexpected efficiencies — both in time and resources — that help you improve proactive customer outreach and create a whole new sales and customer experience. A fun example of this happened when my family ordered take-out for dinner from a local Italian restaurant during the height of the pandemic lockdown.

When everyone was struggling to find toilet paper in the stores, this restaurant that had an excess of toilet paper because they could not serve dine-in guests, seized on an opportunity to create an exceptional customer service experience.

Needless to say, we ordered several more meals from the restaurant in the following weeks! But with some thought and a little advance planning, you can leverage the physical world to great effect during your virtual meetings. Any business that deals with tangible products can ship physical samples, models or prototypes to a client, and then follow up with a phone conversation.

Even small gestures, such as sending a client a printed copy a document to save them from having to use their home printer, can be a way to connect in the physical world.

Or have a nice lunch delivered toward the end of your videoconference to recreate the enjoyment of getting together at a restaurant. I have a client who invited a group of prospects to a virtual wine tasting, sent three bottles to arrive the day before, and had a sommelier lead a minute tasting by videoconference. Facing the disruptions caused by Covid continues to be a challenge, but it can provide unexpected opportunities to drive a better sales process with prospects and customers.

With thoughtful modifications, planning and some imagination, your sales strategy, sales experience, and customer interactions can emerge from the pandemic stronger than ever. You have 1 free article s left this month. You are reading your last free article for this month. Subscribe for unlimited access. Create an account to read 2 more. Approaches that will give your team an edge.

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b2b sales strategy pdf

Having the right sales strategy will make or break your startup. Having a marketing strategy also allows organizations to iterate on their marketing efforts over time. Outbound sales strategy. What Is B2B Sales? Sales strategy is increasingly discussed in the academic literature Eisenhardt and Martin, , including strategic issues concerning co-creation of value Singh and Rhoads, and alliance and network creation Dyer and Singh, Business-to-business B2B sales is the process of selling a product or service to another business.

You have to take B2B selling for what it is if you want to see significant results. When properly executed, B2B sales have the potential to be very profitable and deeply rewarding. As the competition is now stronger than ever, your B2B sales team have a lot of work to do. They now have a wealth of information at their fingertips. This is the best time to educate and inspire potential clients. Learn powerful strategies you can implement right away to grow your sales pipeline, coupled with real-world examples and case studies from insiders who constantly close huge B2B sales. B2B Sales is the process of finding a need that businesses have and meeting that need with your product.

51+ SAMPLE B2B Marketing Templates in PDF | MS Word | Excel

No matter what the size of your business is, you have to keep in mind that it is essential for you to create sales strategies that can work for your advantage. You have to understand that effective sales strategies can enable you to implement your sales plan in the best way possible. If you want to create your own sales strategies from scratch, we recommend you to further study the subject matter and to use references like the samples and templates that are available for download in the discussion below.

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b2b sales strategy pdf

If you are in B2B sales, you may have noticed your prospects no longer care to speak with you via phone or email. Because they no longer need your help to make a purchasing decision. The internet is here now to help them do their research. If your prospects are silently researching your business how do you close the deal? You must no longer be the master of objection handling and closing. You must become the master of managing inbound and outbound marketing.

Download "Thank you for all your comments to us for emails. Download "How to Keep a Prospect Engaged. Download "Steering your business through the storm - smFieldGuide 1. Download "Humanity-in-Action. Download "eBook-Learning-at-Workspeed. Download "17 Team Building Ideas. Download "10 Steps to Developing Goals and Metrics.

Marketing to another business is often more difficult than selling to an individual. Creating a strategy that resonates well with a corporation may not be too different from the usual B2C campaign, but it can get complicated for B2B marketers that fail to understand the statistics and trends that impact the outcome of their marketing plans. But what does B2B marketing really entail? Business-to-business marketing , as the name suggests, refers to the process of marketing products or services to another company or organization.

For any business that relies on direct sales to drive revenue, that means systematically updating your sales organization. A few months ago, the changes to the workplace brought on by Covid were viewed as a temporary adjustment — something we needed to endure for a few months before the inevitable return to commuting, offices, and face-to-face meetings. But as companies settle into the reality that the current state of things might be the new normal, they need to shift their focus from temporary fixes to a fresh approach to your organizational strategy.

Effective selling in a B2B context often requires more research and planning than traditional B2C selling. The sales cycle is longer and you often interact with multiple stakeholders at the prospect company. But, it can also be more rewarding—particularly when you close a huge deal that took 12 months to bring to fruition. Understanding the most effective B2B sales techniques will help you become more effective at building trust with prospects and closing deals.

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