Measuring And Modeling Determinants Of Fiscal Stress In Us Municipalities Gorina Maher Pdf

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measuring and modeling determinants of fiscal stress in us municipalities gorina maher pdf

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Written in English.

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Fiscal stress in cities

Published by U. Written in English. American Indian art from the late James Hoopers collection The data contained in Indicators provides key financial and demographic information on municipalities in Connecticut. Note: Citations are based on reference standards.

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Measuring the fiscal capacity and effort of State and local areas

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Follow everything happening at the Mercatus Center from week to week by subscribing to This Week at Mercatus. This can help prevent worst-case scenarios, and policymakers will not have to make such difficult choices in times of fiscal stress. The recession of — negatively affected many cities and counties across the United States, causing them to resort to extreme fiscal practices in order to respond to new budget pressures. Many localities were forced to declare fiscal emergencies, lay off or furlough workers, and sometimes even default on debt. Extreme cases of fiscal stress took place at the local level in California, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. In this paper, Evgenia Gorina and Craig Maher propose a new way of measuring municipal fiscal distress and developing a deeper understanding of the different factors that lead to it. Results indicate that higher debt, lower reserves, and an underreliance on property taxes are all associated with higher fiscal stress.

Fiscal Stress in the U.S. States: An Analysis of Measures and Responses

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Municipal fiscal indicators

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US Municipalities. Evgenia Gorina and Craig Maher Evgenia Gorina and Craig Maher. “Measuring and Measuring and Modeling Determinants of Fiscal Stress in US Municipalities -monitoring-workbookpdf-2/?wpdmdl=

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