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difference between public and private finance pdf

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Microeconomics could also explain why a higher minimum wage might force a company to hire fewer workers. Of course, they are inter-related and no matter what you choose, you would occasionally need to refer back to some parts of both of these subjects once in a while.

In this article we will discuss about the similarities and difference between public and private finance. While the individual is concerned with the utilization of labour and capital at his disposal, in order to satisfy some of his wants, the state is concerned with the utilization of the labour and capital and other resources to satisfy social wants. It will be observed that both private and public finance have broadly, the same objective, namely the satisfaction of human wants.

Difference Between Public and Private Finance (With Table)

Principles and Theories of Micro Economics. Definition and Explanation of Economics. Theory of Consumer Behavior. Indifference Curve Analysis of Consumer's Equilibrium. Theory of Demand. Theory of Supply. Elasticity of Demand.

News analysts often discuss the private and public finance sectors. Despite most individuals having a general idea of what the two terms mean, a much deeper understanding of what they entail and their differences is important. The public sector comprises of all the government owned organizations, all agencies and state offices. The private sector on the other hand refers to all the privately owned businesses, companies, partnerships and the profit and non-profit corporations. This article will discuss in depth the meaning and differences of both private and public finance. Public finance is the finance sector that deals with the allocation of resources to meet the set budgets for government entities.

Difference Between Public Finance and Private Finance

Capital funding is key for any trade, and it plays a very important role in every division. It is awarded by certain companies and financial institutions based on the demand from the business. Few systems involve in offering clients the money to meet the end objectives of their particular business. It is for a short term benefit for a future gain. Many of us know these terms at the basic level, but a deeper understanding of such words and expressions they work will allow us to understand the working policies and its practices. The difference between public finance and private finance is that public finance deliberately alters and adjusts the income based on the expenses while private finance manipulates the expenses based on future income. Public finance divisions have government offices and all the agencies that are part of a team and it is managed in the government buildings, and state offices.

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Finance is an offshoot of economics, which deals with the arrangement, management and deployment of money in an optimum way. It has two main branches — private finance and public finance. Private Finance is all about the management of finances at an individual level. On the other hand, public finance is a field of finance in which one studies the role of government and the impact of the various activities undertaken by the government, in an economy. One of the main difference between private finance and public finance lies in the power of an eminent domain. This means that when we talk about private finance the sources of income for an individual are confined, however, in case of public finance, the government can use its power and impose taxes, mint coins and print currency notes. Adjustments Individuals adjust their spending as per their income.

Private finance is the study of income and expenditure, borrowings, etc. of individuals, households and business firms. Public finance is concerned with the revenue/incomes and expenditure, borrowings, etc. An individual attempts to maintain a surplus budget.

Public and Private Finance: Similarities and Difference

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Public and Private Finance: Similarities and Dissimilarities

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Difference Between Public Finance And Private Finance


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    Public finance and private finance differ in many respects.

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    By private finance, we mean the study of the income, debt and expenditure of an individual or a private company or business venture.