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Respect is an important indicator of intragroup status, and it can influence within-group behavior. Being respected by other group members indicates a positive standing within the group that is relevant to two important identity concerns: belongingness and social reputation. Belongingness refers to the extent to which a person feels included in the group, and social reputation refers to how other in-group members evaluate a person.

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Social psychology and organizations

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This book is one of the first to provide an overview of recent developments in social psychological theory as it applies to organizational issues. Social psychology deals with social interactions between individuals and groups. As individuals populate, run, and confuse! The chapters in this volume address the critical topics for current and future organizational life such as prosocial and antisocial behavior, ethics, trust, creativity, diversity, stress, conflict, power and leadership and many more. Social psychology and organizations. N2 - This book is one of the first to provide an overview of recent developments in social psychological theory as it applies to organizational issues. AB - This book is one of the first to provide an overview of recent developments in social psychological theory as it applies to organizational issues.

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It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Too many decisions are taken too slowly or not at all because of the dithering behavior of our leaders, often leading to failure of the project, or worse, the organization. See how procrastination has led to major contemporary leadership failures and learn how to recognize and resolve the problem in yourself and others. He has published extensively in the fields of psychology, behavioral economics, management and organizational behavior, edited five books on the topics 'Social Psychology and Economics', 'Advances in the psychology of justice and affect', 'Psychological perspectives on ethical behaviour and decision making', 'Social psychology and organizations', and 'Behavioral business ethics: Shaping an emerging field' and written a popular book on When good people do bad things: Illustrating the psychology behind the financial crisis. He is also a regular contributor of opinion pieces to several European financial and economic newspapers and magazines and in he was named the most influential economist in the Netherlands. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser.

Employees facing destructive leader behavior or evidence of unethical or illegal action often remain silent, and such silence has been argued to be problematic. We argue that the management literature has a limited and biased view of silence, and contend that it can have value for employees and the organization. We discuss the functional value of silence in organizations and how it can be a strategic response to destructive and unethical leaders.

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De Cremer, R. Van Dick, J.K. Murnighan, On Social Beings and Organizational Animals: A Social Psychological Approach to Organizations. Part 2. Leadership.

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