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New and groundbreaking insights into recovery ability, higher intensity and shorter workouts, consolidated training, when to use advanced principles, such as, forced reps and negatives to maximum effect; in addition, insights into corruption in bodybuilding, and the power of human reason to discern truth from falsehood. The title speaks for itself, as it is a book of high philosophy, motivational success stories, and the very zenith of bodybuilding training science. This is more than a bodybuilding book — it is a training partner!

Heavy Duty II: Mind and Body

Ask The Trainer Book. Passion by itself, an intense desire to achieve a value-goal. What is relevant is the fact that anyone, no matter what his genetic endowment, can improve upon his existing physical condition, And with the proper training program, he should witness progress each and every workout, from the start of his training until he reaches the upper limit allowed by his genetic potential.

Bodybuilders using the traditional volumeapproach possess such diminished expectations that they are literally incredulous on this last point. If your specific goal is to improve upon your ability to carry out large volumes of work, then you must train in a specific fashion, ie.

Training guided by mixed premises will not yield results of the same magnitude as adaptive-specitic training, What bodybuilders should be training to develop specifically 1s their strength. A properly conducted bodybuilding program is directed exclusively toward the development of strength.

It was discovered by scientists a long time ago that the strength of a muscle is directly proportional to its cross-sectional area. This, along with the fact that the body's adaptive capacity is strictly limited, dictates that an efficient, productive bodybuilding program be geared exclusively anal specifically toward the development of strength. So if you desire mixed or no results, combine strength training with endurance training, But if your goal is to develop.

The fact is that the guy with less muscle will grow larger muscles only as he grows stronger, and likewise, the more massive guy will be even larger only when he is stronger. If you are such an individual, wake up —- and stop wasting your time. This document was uploaded. There is no mystery to any of this. The knowledge of the specific cause-and-effect relationship between intense exercise and muscular growth does exist.

When you are training properly, ie, intensely, briefly and infrequently more on this in chapters 3 and 4 , you will be witnessing progress in the form of strength increases every workout. Arthur Jones made a statement years ago to the effect that from the time a bodybuilder starts training, he should be able -- if he is using the proper program, of course -- to develop to the maximum degree allowed by his potential within two years.

It should not take five years, or longer, to develop a muscular physique. While you should come to expect strength increases regularly, not everyone should expect a regular, attendant increase in mass or bodyweight. For the majority, strength increases precede size increases. It is important that you understand this for easans related to motivation. As you continue to grow stronger, however, your strength increases will eventually yield a muscle mass increase.

Just how much muscle you gain, and how long il takes, sa matter dictated by genetics. I was just such an individual who gained weight and mass cyclically.

I can remember numerous stretches during which my strength increased regularly, for up to a few months, without an accompanying size increase.

Not knowing that for many, strength increases precede size increases, this was very frustrating to me, In fact, 1 was tempted to give up entirely more than once, but I persisted. They will gain regularly in strength for months, with little or no mass increase, and then — boom! On the other hand, some bodybuilders experience consistent, proportional strength and mass increases.

An outstanding example of this was one of my personal training, clients. During a four-month period, his strength increased he went up either in reps, weight or both on every set of every exercise, for a total of almost sets.

In that time, he put on 35 pounds of bodyweight, most, if not all, in the form of lean muscle mass, as evidenced by his improved definition. This individual was all but ecstatic, as he gained more muscle in that four-month period, with his three weekly workouts averaging 17 minutes, than he had gained in the preceding four years, working out two hours a day, six days a week. At the time I started working with this individual, he was considering giving up training entirely because he thought he didn't have the genetics to build any more muscle!

David Paul, of the famous Barbarian Brothers, approached me a while back, disgruntled by the fact that he had gained neither in size nor strength for the last five years, during. For the one month that supervised David's training, each of his three weekly workouts lasted less than 30 minutes, and he upped his squat poundage by pounds while gaining five pounds of muscular bodyweight! Aaron Baker, Mr.

USA, is another good example. Not certain as how to direct his own training efforts for the WBF Championship, Aaron met someone who talked him into using a much touted Eastern European training system that had him training three hours every day. Not long after the contest, Thad a talk with Aaron about the shortcomings of the Eastern European system.

He decided to give it a try, and within several menths, his squat increased pounds, his machine incline press jumped from pounds to pounds, and his bodyweight reached an all-time high of pounds!

Visualize 40 pounds of beefsteak laid out in front of you on the dinner table, and you will get some idea just how much muscle that is: enough to transform the average adult male, weighing, pounds, into a veritable Hercules at pounds. Realistic expectations figure centrally in formulating a nutritional regimen. Once you understand that growth is negligible on a daily basis, even in a best case scenario, you'll be less likely to commit grossly irrational dietary mistakes.

Those who expect to gain weight ona very regulat basis ate gullible prey to the nutritional supplement hucksters, and usually end up with no more muscle, less hard-earned money, a lot of fat, and even more confusion!

That averages out to approximately 12 grams of muscle per day, or less than one-half of an ounce Precisely how much food you would require to provide the nutritional elements needed for that much growth is actually quite simple to calculate. That's right! Not a day, a week or a month, as many of the hucksters would have you believe, but 6, extra calories a year!

Formulatinga daily dietary regimen is difficult to do based on yearly caloric considerations. The body has specific nutritional needs each day. The operative concept here is needs. If the hucksters, were true to their one cherished guiding principle, namely, more is better, they would have you drinking gallons of extra water a day.

Water consumed beyond need is merely excreted. Calories consumed beyond what is needed for maintenance and growth -— no matter what the source -- turn to fat. The implication is that it doesn't matter how you train, or even that you train at all, but if you merely consume an excess of nutrients, you'll grow anyway.

Another, more recent, misconception is that there is no such thing as overtraining, only undereating. The implication here is that if you will only agree to overeat, you can then infinitely extend the limit to which you can stimulate the body to grow. This is not true. Because the supply of biochemical resource used up in the process of growth stimulation is strictly limited, and cannot be restored instantaneously, no matter how much you eat, the amount of training you can engage in — before it becomes overtraining -- is also strictly limited, All such notions are always presented out of context, with neither a theory nor even a jot of evidence to back them up.

In logic, these are referred to as baseless, arbitrary assertions, and they are perpetuated by individuals seeking to hawk nutritional products to the unenlightened. Nutrition, as it applies to bodybuilding, is actually quite simple.

The single most important principle is that a reasonable effort be made to consume a well-balanced diet, which, by definition, is one that provides the individual with the required daily dietary allowances of all the nutrients to maintain health as well as provide for any possible muscular growth.

And make no mistake about it, training is the most important factor, while nutrition is only a secondary consideration. Growth must first be stimulated through proper, high-intensity training, then enough nutrients must be consumed to maintain existing physical mass, along with a little extra to provide for that negligible bit of growth that is being stimulated workout to workout. It was determined by the U.

Department of Agriculture presumably an objective, unbiased group with no vested interest in distorting nutritional reality for the sake of selling nutritional supplements that a well-balanced diet could be obtained by an individual consuming, the recommended daily portions from the Four Basic Food Groups: 1 Cereals and grains, 2 Fruits and vegetables, 3 Meat, fish and poultry, and 4 Milk and dairy products.

One would think that even hose who are skeptical that one hour of strength training a week is sufficient to ensure optimal progress, or that a well-balanced diet is all that is required nutritionally, might at the very least consider the possibility. For those immune to the blandishments of rational theory, there is ample evidence -- the success of myself, my brother Ray Mentzer, Casey Viator and Dorian Yates among others -- that the Heavy Duty approach does produce worthwhile results.

Even if high-intensity training yielded only the same results as the traditional marathon, six-day-a-week training, it still wouldn't be valid to say that they were equally productive.

The one that involved less actual training time would be the most productive. Considering what you know now, ask yourself: Have I been reaping from each of my workouts what [ should? Can 1 continue to justify spending hours a week in the gym for very little or no progtess? And what if I could gain considerably more by spending much fess time training? A rational individual will not want to spend any more time in the gym than is minimally required to achieve the desired result.

The science of bodybuilding begins where any science begins: with the recognition that reality is an objective absolute, not an indeterminate, whirting flux. The fact that reality and its laws the laws of physics are immutable is what makes it possible for NASA to send men to the moon and bring them back safely.

To illustrate the point in extreme form: if the orthodox opinion has it that sets performed six days a week is the best way to build muscle, and that is overtraining, just performing sets three days a week, which is certainly less, doesn't necessarily make that the best way to train.

Eso represents a form of the blind leading the blind. Weider's notion that one should perform sets for each muscle is not exact Is it 12 sets, 14 sets, 17 sets or 20 sets? And if 12 sets is sufficient, why do 20 sets? Since he never provided any explanatory context to support his notion, it Page 27 amounts to nothing more nor less than a blind, groundless assertion.

Jones' response wasn't based on or derived from a scrupulous process of thought either. Weider said turn left, Jones said turn right.

To advise people to train with sets for the whole body instead of each muscle is inexact and arbitrary. Our culture has traditionally insisted that it is a virtue to work six days a week with one day, Sunday, off for rest and religious observance. Also, in our cul- ture the number "3" has enormous traditional meaning - three square meals a day, the Holy Trinity, the three bears, the notion that catastrophes occur in lots of three, etc.

Weider and Jones both established approaches to bodybuilding exercise based on religious tradition and the arbitrary. With a truly scientific, theoretical approach to exercise, there is no room for the traditional or the arbitrary. So the proper attitude is to go into the gym like a rational human being and perform only the precise amount of exercise required by nature. Not more is better, not less is better, but the precise amount required is "best.

If, as you were being wheeled into the surgical suite, you overheard the anesthesiologist say, "Pump him up," as is said in bodybuilding, "pump him up, give him more, more anesthesia is better than less! In fact, you would jump up off the stretcher and run out the door. Or if you overhead the anesthesiologist say, "Let's give the patient less anesthesia than we gave that one yesterday, we killed the poor man," you wouldn't feel much better.

In this par- ticular situation, where life and death is clearly the issue, it's very easy to grasp why scientific precision is so important. But that same principle from medical theory carries over and has direct application to bodybuilding theory. Recall from Chapter Two that exercise science derives from medical science. The ideal, in both medical and exercise science, is to work to alter, or correct, human physiology with as high a degree of precision and exactitude as is required. In the field of bodybuilding science, however, we are not looking to inject, or apply, a specific chemical compound to induce muscular hypertrophy.

Ultimately, of course, inducing muscular hypertrophy by imposing a training stress is effected via a biochemical change. It is conceivable that, in the near future, biochemists could discover a chemical compound that would be injected into a human being to induce muscle growth beyond normal levels without any need of a training stress being imposed - unlike the case with steroids, which merely facilitate the process of protein synthesis but require a training stress.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Heavy Duty II: Mind an Other editions.

Mike Mentzer created a lot of controversy in bodybuilding. He was one of the few who dared to call out Arnold and Joe Weider. Unfortunately, not all that came from Mike Mentzer was truth and honesty. Five work sets per workout 2. One work set to complete muscular failure per exercise 3. Compound exercises combined with machines 5.


Ask The Trainer Book. Passion by itself, an intense desire to achieve a value-goal. What is relevant is the fact that anyone, no matter what his genetic endowment, can improve upon his existing physical condition, And with the proper training program, he should witness progress each and every workout, from the start of his training until he reaches the upper limit allowed by his genetic potential. Bodybuilders using the traditional volumeapproach possess such diminished expectations that they are literally incredulous on this last point. If your specific goal is to improve upon your ability to carry out large volumes of work, then you must train in a specific fashion, ie.

The reps are very slow, and you only do one set to failure. What do you think about HIT in general? Is it an effective way to build muscle? This is a quick guide to building muscle, which you can read online or keep as a PDF, that shows you exactly how to put on muscle.

Before he can act, man must know in abstract, conceptual terms what goals to pursue and how to pursue them - and then he must proceed to act on this knowledge. It is through the volitional adherence in practice to conscious knowledge that man experiences his freedom of action. Subconscious Motivation in Literature. Despite the considerable number of articles and books written on the subject over the last several decades, most bodybuilders today still don't know that a bodybuilding program should be geared toward the development of strength.

The Heavy Duty site provides the latest information on training, nutrition and the mind's relationship to bodybuilding. Mike Mentzer Heavy Duty mike mentzer heavy duty It was going to be a revolution. For the year between the and Mr.

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