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Data and Computer Communications eighth edition by William Stallings pdf

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Typically, the protocol architecture consists of a layered set of protocols, with one or more protocols at each layer. The term is also used generically to refer to a more comprehensive collection of protocols developed by the U. Department of Defense and the Internet community. Some traffic uses no transport protocol, such as ICMP. The host communicates this order to the clerk, who places the order with the cook.

The phone system provides the physical means for the order to be transported from host to clerk. The clerk boxes the pizza with the delivery address, and the delivery van encloses all of the orders to be delivered.

The road provides the physical path for delivery. However, the message is actually passed through two translators via the phone system. The French PM's translator translates his remarks into English and telephones these to the Chinese PM's translator, who translates these remarks into Chinese. Note that the intermediate node handles the message only up to the second level; a minister's level is not needed. There is processing overhead because as many as seven modules OSI model are invoked to move data from the application through the communications software.

There is data overhead because of the appending of multiple headers to the data. Another possible disadvantage is that there must be at least one protocol standard per layer. With so many layers, it takes a long time to develop and promulgate the standards. There is no way to be assured that the last message gets through, except by acknowledging it. Thus, either the acknowledgment process continues forever, or one army has to send the last message and then act with uncertainty.

First, look at the functions performed at the network layer to deal with the communications network hiding the details from the upper layers. The network layer is responsible for routing data through the network, but with a broadcast network, routing is not needed. Other functions, such as sequencing, flow control, error control between end systems, can be accomplished at layer 2, because the link layer will be a protocol directly between the two end systems, with no intervening switches.

So it would seem that a network layer is not needed. Second, consider the network layer from the point of view of the upper layer using it. The upper layer sees itself attached to an access point into a network supporting communication with multiple devices. The layer for assuring that data sent across a network is delivered to one of a number of other end systems is the network layer.

This argues for inclusion of a network layer. The lower sublayer is concerned with medium access control MAC , assuring that only one end system at a time transmits; the MAC sublayer is also responsible for addressing other end systems across the LAN.

LLC performs traditional link control functions. This would violate the principle of separation of layers. It breaks that PDU into fragments and reassembles them in the proper order.

Each N-level PDU must retain its own header, for the same reason given in a. Three network packets are needed. These functions would not normally be performed by protocols above the transport layer.

Thus UDP provides a useful, though limited, service. TCP does guarantee delivery. However, the technique that is used is a timeout. If the source does not receive an acknowledgment to data within a given period of time, the source retransmits.

The header in TCP is of variable length. A resends packet k, which B acknowledges. From now on, 2 copies of every data packet and ACK will be sent. The maximum throughput is therefore bytes divided by the round- trip time. Source: [STEV94]. This means that when the "netascii" transfer mode is employed, the file sizes of the local and the remote file may differ, without any implication of errors in the data transfer.

This means that a given text file will usually occupy more space in a Windows host than in a UNIX system. Suppose host A receives an error packet from host B, and responds it by sending an error packet back to host B. This packet could trigger another error packet from host B, which would again trigger an error packet at host A.

Thus, error messages would bounce from one host to the other, indefinitely, congesting the network and consuming the resources of the participating systems.

For example, if both hosts are on the same local area network, a 5- second timeout is more than enough. On the other hand, if the transfer is taking place over a long delay satellite link, then a 5-second timeout might be too short, and could trigger unnecessary retransmissions.

On the other hand, using a fixed value for the retransmission timer keeps the TFTP implementation simple, which is the objective the designers of TFTP had in mind. Thus, reliability depends on the service provided by the underlying transport protocol UDP. While the UDP includes a checksum for detecting errors, its use is optional. Therefore, if UDP checksums are not enabled, data could be corrupted without being detected by the destination host.

The internet protocol can be defined as a separate layer. The functions performed by IP are clearly distinct from those performed at a network layer and those performed at a transport layer, so this would make good sense. The session and transport layer both are involved in providing an end-to-end service to the OSI user, and could easily be combined. If two devices transmit at the same time, their signals will be on the medium at the same time, interfering with each other; i.

See discussion in Section Source: [MOSH89] 3. A real signal therefore is bandlimited, with frequencies above a certain point absent. However, most of the information is in the lower frequencies. This is not a problem if it is remembered that the object of the transmission is to send signals that represent binary 1s and 0s. Even though there will be some distortion because of the loss of higher frequencies, the shape of the original pulse is known by the specifications for the transmission system.

Thus, the receiver will usually be able to distinguish a binary 0 from a binary 1. Several shift lock codes were defined in various versions of TTS shift, supershift, unshift.

These codes change the meaning of all codes that follow until a new shift lock code appears. The actual number is less, since some codes, such as space, are "don't-cares" with respect to shift locks. Retaining the vertical resolution of lines, each horizontal line occupies Due to the fact there is a distortion level as well as other potentially detrimental impacts to the rated capacity, the actual maximum will be somewhat degraded from the theoretical maximum.

A discussion of these relevant impacts should be included and a qualitative value discussed. Shannon addressed the question of what signaling rate can be achieved over a channel with a given bandwidth, a given signal power, and in the presence of noise. For example, it reduces crosstalk between wire pairs bundled into a cable. Shielded twisted pair STP surrounds the wire with a metallic braid or sheathing that reduces interference. The glass or plastic itself consists of two concentric columns.

The inner column called the core has a higher index of refraction than the outer column called the cladding. It is affected by rainfall, however, especially above 10 GHz. It is also requires line of sight and is subject to interference from other microwave transmission, which can be intense in some places. In practice, there will be some beam spread. Nevertheless, it produces a highly focused, directional beam. The edge in effect become a source and waves radiate in different directions from the edge, allowing a beam to bend around an obstacle.

If the size of an obstacle is on the order of the wavelength of the signal or less, scattering occurs. An incoming signal is scattered into several weaker outgoing signals in unpredictable directions.

From Figure 4. If the outer conductor of a coaxial cable is everywhere held at ground potential, no external disturbance can reach the inner, signal-carrying, conductor. Half of that is 5, km which is comparable to the east-to-west dimension of the continental U.

While an antenna this size is impractical, the U. Defense Department has considered using large parts of Wisconsin and Michigan to make an antenna many kilometers in diameter. The received power will increase by a factor of 4 4.

Data and Computer Communications,International Edition

Two-time winner of the best Computer Science and Engineering textbook of the year award from the Textbook and Academic Authors Association. A modular format — This structure allows instructors to easily design a course to meet their individual needs. For students, it breaks this massive subject into comprehensible parts. Unifying principles — The text repeatedly emphasizes such principles as multiplexing, flow control, and error control, and contrasts their application in specific areas of technology. This enables students to understand how the same protocol design principles are applied at different levels of the protocol architecture. Design Approaches — Exploring alternative approaches to meeting specific communication requirements gives students a deeper understanding of communication system and protocol design.

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A essential book for the computer science students specilly students intrested in the computer networks. Data and Computer Communications eighth edition by William Stallings pdf download. This is a great learning guide for students who want to learn about computer networking form basic to advance. Download Book Plz make a comment if link is not working for you.

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