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The post you are on right now was written in Please see this updated article with more current information, including new sections on climate change and nuclear power. There are nine major areas of energy resources.

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As we noted in Chapter 12, the reserves of non-renewable resources are inexorably diminished as they are extracted from the environment and used in the human economy. This is because non-renewable resources are finite in quantity and their stocks do not regenerate after they are mined. Note that the word reserve has a specific meaning here — it is used to denote a known amount of material that can be economically recovered from the environment that is, while making a profit. Of course, continuing exploration may discover previously unknown deposits of non-renewable resources. If that happens, there is an increase in the known reserves of the resource. Changes in the value of non-renewable commodities also affect the sizes of their economically recoverable reserves.

Resource depletion is the consumption of a resource faster than it can be replenished. Natural resources are commonly divided between renewable resources and non-renewable resources see also mineral resource classification. Use of either of these forms of resources beyond their rate of replacement is considered to be resource depletion. Resource depletion is most commonly used in reference to farming , fishing , mining , water usage, and consumption of fossil fuels. In an effort to offset the depletion of resources, theorists have come up with the concept of depletion accounting. Better known as ' green accounting ,' depletion accounting aims to account for nature's value on an equal footing with the market economy. Depletion accounting factors in several different influences such as the number of years until resource exhaustion, the cost of resource extraction and the demand of the resource.

Key words: Endogenous growth, innovation, non-renewable resources, knife-edge conditions, robustness, limits to growth. The aim of this article is to review issues related to the incorporation of scarce natural resources in the theory of economic growth and development. More specifically, we shall concentrate on the role of non-renewable resources. A nonrenewable resource is a natural resource the amount of which on earth is finite and which has no natural regeneration process at least not within a relevant time scale. Hence, the stock of a non-renewable resource is depletable. Fossil fuels as well as many non-energy minerals are examples. A renewable resource is also available only in limited supply, but its stock is replenished by a natural regeneration process.

A New-Growth Perspective on Non-Renewable Resources

One environmental issue that has been of prominent concern in the 20th century has been the growth in human population. The chart below, from the population reference bureau, illustrates the dramatic growth in human population beginning around the year As human population has grown the demand for resources of all kinds has also grown. Supporting more people means producing more food, which in turn requires greater amounts of energy, soil nutrients, water, and other resources associated with agricultural production. There are many types of resources that go into producing food and producing forages.

A nonrenewable resource is a natural resource that cannot be re-made or re-​grown at a scale comparable to its consumption. Page 4. NUCLEAR ENERGY.

Resource depletion

Renewable and nonrenewable resources are energy sources that human society uses to function on a daily basis. The difference between these two types of resources is that renewable resources can naturally replenish themselves while nonrenewable resources cannot. This means that nonrenewable resources are limited in supply and cannot be used sustainably. There are four major types of nonrenewable resources: oil, natural gas, coal , and nuclear energy.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Natural resources are materials or things that people use from the earth. There are two types of natural resources.

Nonrenewable and Renewable Energy Resources

Carbon dioxide is produced from the burning of fossil fuels like coal and gas.

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    All forms of energy are a natural resource.

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