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Every morning before breakfast I walk with our dogs, Sophie and Elsie, in acres of woods behind our house in the northwest hills of Connecticut.

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Privilege, Power, and Difference / Edition 2

Every morning before breakfast I walk with our dogs, Sophie and Elsie, in acres of woods behind our house in the northwest hills of Connecticut.

I can feel the seasons come and go. Winter lies long and deep beneath one snowfall layered on another. Come spring, fiddlehead ferns uncoil from the forest floor and then summer exhausts itself before sliding into the cool, crisp clarity of autumn. I like the walks mostly for the solitude. I can reflect on my life and the world and see things in perspective and more clearly.

And I like to watch the dogs crash through the woods as they chase each other in games of tag, sniff out fresh deer scat or the trail of an animal that passed through the night before.

They never stray far from what I imagine to be their essence, the core of what it means to be a dog in relation to everything around them, living and otherwise. Deep in our bones, for example, we are social beings. We have a huge capacity to be creative and generous and loving. We spin stories, make art and music, help children turn into adults, save one another in countless ways, and ease our loved ones into death when the time comes.

We have large brains and opposable thumbs and are incredibly clever in how we use them. We can figure out how to live just about anywhere under almost any conditions you could imagine. We all like to feel that way — accepted, valued, supported, appreciated, respected, belonging. We would, that is, unless something powerful kept us from it. Apparently, something powerful does keep us from it, to judge from all the trouble there is around issues of difference — especially in relation to race, gender, sexual orientation, disability status, and social class.

Something powerful keeps us far from anything like a world where people feel comfortable showing up and feel good about themselves and one another. Several years ago I was sitting across a restaurant table from an African American woman. We were talking about a course on race and gender that we wanted to teach together. And while we talked about what we wanted our students to think about and learn, I felt how hard it was for me to talk about race and gender in that moment — about how the legacy of racism and sexism shapes our lives in such different ways, how my whiteness and maleness are sources of privilege that elevates people like me not above some abstract groups, but above people like her, my friend.

But all these indignities that my whiteness protects me from are part of her everyday existence. She has to decide where to park her car for tyhe greatest safety, to remember to have her keys out and ready as she approaches it, and to check the back seat before she gets in.

In other words, she has to limit her life in ways that never occur to me, and her being female is the only reason why. As these thoughts filled my mind, I struggled with how to sit across from her and talk and eat out lunch while all of this is going on all the time.

No, the problem is that in the world as it is, huge issues involving race and gender shape her life and mine in dramatically different ways. No, her misfortune is connected to my good fortune.

But there is is just the same. All of that sits in the middle of the table like the proverbial elephant that everyone pretends not to notice. In its place is a powerful kind of trouble that is tenacious, profound, and seems only to get worse.

It creates a yawning divide in levels of income, wealth, dignity, safety, health, and quality of life. It promotes fear, suspicion, discrimination, harassment, and violence. It sets people against one another. It builds walls topped with broken glass and barbed wire. It weaves the insidious and corroding effects of oppression into the daily lives of tens of millions of women, men, and children.

It has the potential to ruin entire generations and, in the long run, to take just about everyone down with it. It is a trouble that shows up everywhere and touches every life in one way or another.

There is no escape, however thick the denial. But such thinking mistakes fantasy for reality. There is no way that a problem of difference can involve just one group of people.

And there is no way to separate the problem of not being white from being white. We live in a society that attaches privilege to being white and male and heterosexual and nondisabled regardless of social class. For me, it means I have to take the initiative to find out how privilege operates in the world, how it affects people, and what that has to do with me. It means I have to think the unthinkable, speak the unspeakable, break the silence, acknowledge the elephant, and then take my share of responsibility for what comes next.

It means I have to do something to create the possibility for my African American friend and me to have a conversation about race, gender, and us, rather than leave it to her to take all the risks and do all the work. Understanding how to change that by bringing dominant groups into the conversation and the solution is the biggest challenge we all face. My work in this book is to help find a way to meet that challenge. It is to remove barriers that stand between us and serious long-term conversation across difference and effective action for change cthat can make a difference.

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What is a ‘system of privilege’?

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T he concept of privilege refers to any advantage that is unearned, exclusive, and socially conferred. One way to see this is through a survey in which respondents were asked to close their eyes and picture a drug dealer. When asked to describe what they saw, almost 95 percent mentioned a black person, even though the vast majority of drug dealers in the U. What privilege does is load the odds one way or the other so that the chance of bad things happening to white people as a category of people is much lower than for everyone else, and the chance of good things happening is much higher. A system of privilege—a family, a workplace, a society—is organized around three basic principles: dominance, identification, and centeredness. A system of white privilege, for example, is white-dominated, which means the default is for white people to occupy positions of power.

Allan G. Johnson is a sociologist and a writer who has worked on issues of gender inequality and patriarchy. He writes about the reality of patriarchy.

And Difference, Power, Privilege

Check out Scribid. Audiobook Check out Audiobooks. As I read the negative reviews, I am even more aware of how difficult it is to get these ideas across without being accused of self-hatred, etc. In an effort to encourage positive self reflection on these complex issues, I have read many of the foundation works Dr.

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Privilege, Power, and Difference

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