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robert t stafford disaster relief and emergency assistance act pdf

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On March 13, , President Donald J. Trump declared an emergency under Section b of the Robert T.

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FEMA , June Robert T. TITLE Title I -- Findings, Declarations and Definitions. Congressional Findings and Declarations 42 U. Definitions 42 U. As used in this Act -. A a county, municipality, city, town, township, local public authority, school district, special district, intrastate district, council of governments regardless of whether the council of governments is incorporated as a nonprofit corporation under State law , regional or interstate government entity, or agency or instrumentality of a local government;.

B an Indian tribe or authorized tribal organization, or Alaska Native village or organization; and. C a rural community, unincorporated town or village, or other public entity, for which an application for assistance is made by a State or political subdivision of a State. A Any flood control, navigation, irrigation, reclamation, public power, sewage treatment and collection, water supply and distribution, watershed development, or airport facility.

B Any non-Federal-aid street, road, or highway. C Any other public building, structure, or system, including those used for educational, recreational, or cultural purposes. D Any park. B Additional Facilities — In addition to the facilities described in subparagraph. Such grants shall be applied for within one year from May 22, Any State desiring financial assistance under this section shall designate or create an agency to plan and administer such a disaster preparedness program, and shall, through such agency, submit a State plan to the President, which shall.

Disaster Warnings 42 U. President shall direct appropriate Federal agencies to provide technical assistance to State and local governments to insure that timely and effective disaster warning is provided. President is authorized to utilize or to make available to Federal, State, and local agencies the facilities of the civil defense communications system established and maintained pursuant to section c of this title or any other Federal communications system for the purpose of providing warning to governmental authorities and the civilian population in areas endangered by disasters.

Predisaster Hazard Mitigation 42 U. A Recommendations -The Governor of each State may recommend to the President not fewer than five local governments to receive assistance under this section. B Deadline for submission -The recommendations under subparagraph A shall be submitted to the President not later than October 1, , and each October 1st thereafter or such later date in the year as the President may establish.

C Criteria - In making recommendations under subparagraph A , a Governor shall consider the criteria specified in subsection g. A In general - Except as provided in subparagraph B , in providing assistance to local governments under this section, the President shall select from local governments recommended by the Governors under this subsection. B Extraordinary circumstances - In providing assistance to local governments under this section, the President may select a local government that has not been recommended by a Governor under this subsection if the President determines that extraordinary circumstances justify the selection and that making the selection will further the purpose of this section.

A shall be used by States and local governments principally to implement predisaster hazard mitigation measures that are cost-effective and are described in proposals approved by the President under this section; and. B may be used -. B the amount that is equal to 1. A amounts appropriated to carry out this section, which shall remain available until expended; and. B sums available from gifts, bequests, or donations of services or. A In general - The Secretary of the Treasury shall invest such portion of the Fund as is not, in the judgment of the Secretary of the.

Treasury, required to meet current withdrawals. Investments may be made only in interest-bearing obligations of the United States. B Acquisition of obligations - For the purpose of investments under subparagraph A , obligations may be acquired -. C Sale of obligations - Any obligation acquired by the Fund may be sold by the Secretary of the Treasury at the market price.

D Credits to fund - The interest on, and the proceeds from the sale or redemption of, any obligations held in the Fund shall be credited to and form a part of the Fund. See the complete version of this document in the attached PDF file. Vulnerabilidad Social y Riesgo. Derechos Humanos y Ambientales. Foro SocioAmbiental. Legislacion Relevante. Consorcio para el. Derecho Socio-Ambiental. Download PDF 0,6 Mb :.

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Stafford Act Declarations for COVID-19 FAQ

The purpose of this policy is to provide the framework for Salt Lake Community College to protect the lives and property of its students, faculty, staff and guests in the event of a major disruption, large scale emergency or disaster. College emergency management efforts follow the fundamentals, best practices and mandates established by the local, state and federal emergency management agencies. When closure of the college during normal operational hours is directed or an emergency warrants it, the following procedures should be instituted to notify SLCC employees and students:. Questions regarding this policy may be directed to the originator by calling Quick Links.

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US Congress HR639

This article provides a brief background on the federal law authorizing FEMA Public Assistance Program funding, and will help you to understand whether your organization is eligible to receive this funding. It will also help to identify reimbursable work and costs, and provide a brief overview of the application process and timeline for obtaining FEMA Public Assistance Program funding. The Stafford Act authorizes the President to provide federal assistance when the magnitude of an incident or threatened incident exceeds the affected state, territorial, Indian tribal and local government capabilities to respond or recover. For FEMA to provide assistance, the President must declare that an emergency or major disaster exists. While states or territories typically must request federal assistance under the Stafford Act, due to the unique circumstances of the COVID pandemic, the nationwide emergency was declared without requiring action from states or territories.

The Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act of Stafford Act provides the legal authority for the federal government to provide assistance to states during declared major disasters and emergencies. The Stafford Act authorizes the delivery of federal technical, financial, logistical, and other assistance to states and localities during declared major disasters or emergencies. Federal assistance is provided under the Stafford Act if an event is beyond the combined response capabilities of state and local governments.

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