Marriage – God’s Design

Could it be that people are waking up?  That the “Woodstock Era” of “make love, not war” with its emphasis on sexual freedom doesn’t bring the pleasure It promised?   That women coming forward with charges of sexual harassment and sexual assault from 5, 20, 30 40 years ago affirm God’s good design, that it’s “hands off” until the man publicly commits to care for this woman, “for better, for worse, in sickness, in health, until death parts”?  That is what a sensible generation called marriage.  With anything less, everyone loses, especially the woman.  Women have reason to cry out when assaulted, but let them cry out against pornography and all manner of casual sex which lead men to see them as toys.

Marriage makes good sense, for men, women and children!  The Christian marriage which reflects the love of Christ for the Church, and the Church’s honoring of Christ (Ephesians 5) is the nearest to paradise that people will find in this age.   Sunday service time at Peace Lutheran Church is 9:00 a.m.

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