Abortion is not health care

“Abortion is not health care.  It’s a brutal procedure that ends the lives of unborn children,” Rep. Joseph Pitts of Pennsylvania boldly stated.  A fundamental purpose of government is to protect human life.  That the government health care should pay for ending the lives of the unborn is simply not good reasoning.   For government to do so rejects its very purpose for being.  To pay for the destruction of future citizens and taxpayers is just not good sense.  It is governmental suicide.  The Book of Proverbs adds, “The lack of people is the downfall of a prince (read government)” (Proverbs 14:28).

That government should finance killing the unborn, in addition to being contrary to sound reasoning, violates the conscience of every taxpaying Christian.  The Bible says, “You shall not murder” (Exodus 20:13).  Hiring someone to murder is a despicable crime.   When government pays for abortions, Christians with their taxes are hiring someone to kill the unborn.   An infringement on the Christian’s conscience!   Come to Peace Lutheran Church where forgiveness is offered to those who repent.  Sunday service time is 10:00 a.m.

Is Religion a State of Mind?

The TEXARKANA GAZETTE article of Jan. 10, ’15, “Scientists Seek Religious Experience—In their subjects brains” came to an expected conclusion:  “Christians aren’t going to be that different from Jews and Muslims.”  If one rejects, the absolute authority of the Bible, as our culture now does, then all that is left is “feeling” or “experience.”  Some favorite hymns support this thinking:  “You ask me how I know He lives—He lives within my heart.”  Such thinking needs no facts or history.  If religion is only a state of mind then there is no difference between the various religions.

The Bible, however, gives us history.  The birth of Jesus Christ is pinpointed to the reign of Caesar Augustus and the Governor Quirinius (Luke 2), His ministry during the time of Tiberius Caesar, Pontius Pilate, and Herod, Tetrarch of Galilee (Luke 3).  The Bible gives us facts.  Information about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is not the vision of one man, such as Mohammed or Joseph Smith, but that of all the Apostles, who said, “we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard” (Acts 4:20).  They record an exercising of the senses, “We have heard, we have seen with our eyes…our hands have handled” (1 John 1:1), as they witness of the crucified and risen Jesus Christ; and they refused to be quiet about Him, even though it cost them their lives.  Come to Peace Lutheran Church to learn of this Jesus Christ, and the joy of forgiveness of sins and eternal life will follow.  Sunday Service time, 10:00 a.m.

How God Defines Marriage

When the Bible uses the word “marriage” (KJV and other versions) it always refers to the binding relation of a man and woman, as the pattern was set forth in Genesis chapter two at creation. “They shall become one flesh” (Gen. 2:24). That the word is being used also to define the relation of same sex couples, is a symptom of a culture drifting away from any Biblical mores.  Obviously this drifting is aided and abetted by judicial decree.  Eventually the culture will accept the marriage of same sex couples as normal, just as it is accepting a man and a woman living in a conjugal relationship without marriage.

Who has a right to the definition of marriage?  Is it the courts of the land?  Is it majority opinion?  Is it a matter of government benefits?  Or is it God who defines marriage?  No civilization survived for long when God’s pattern for the man and woman was ignored.  These include the Greek, Roman, and the ancient Israel civilizations.  God is eager to forgive those who have rejected His pattern.  He is also eager to give a new life in Christ to those who repent.   Come to Peace Lutheran Church.  Sunday service time is 10:00 a.m.

Christians: Fill the Vacuum

“Nature abhors a vacuum!”  The sucking sound when a vacuum packed jar is opened proves the point.  The same is true of a society that seeks to be godless and amoral.  The secularization of this nation and the marginalization of Christianity are creating a vacuum that will be filled by some religion.  There is a religion that is ready and is already making that “sucking sound” as can be heard in Syria, Nigeria, Malaysia, Iraq, and other parts of the world.  Some call it ISIS, others Bokoharem, and others Radical Muslims.  Their stated goal is to displace all religions, especially Christianity with the Muslim religion.

This does NOT call for some holy or unholy war.  It does call for Christians to fill the vacuum while there is time.  If you take no time to teach your children  Bible history and Bible doctrine, if you have no interest in supporting a Bible teaching Christian church by your attendance and offerings, if you are among so many who are ready to toss over board the morals that make for a sound marriage and home, then you are creating a vacuum.  Be assured that vacuum is waiting to be filled by a religion that beheads those who do not agree with them, that abducts school girls and sells them as slaves, that burns churches and massacres villages that will not convert.  Just as the impending invasion of the Babylonian army was a wakeup call to ancient Judah (Book of Jeremiah) to turn from their godless and immoral ways, so the current events of our time are calls to repent and turn to the LORD.   Begin by coming to Peace Lutheran Church this Sunday.  Sunday service time is 10:00 a.m.